Why do I need to fill out CHADIS?

CHADIS means more time with the doctor or nurse practitioner.

Prior to well child visits and some ADHD visits we will request that parents and caretakers (or teens) go to the CHADIS website, register, and fill some online questionnaires that we have requested from CHADIS for your visit. They can be filled either before the visit (preferable) or in the waiting room.  The website is HIPAA compliant, meaning that your answers are well-encrypted and nobody but our office will have access to your answers. The purpose of CHADIS is to help providers like us assess risks and detect problems as early as possible.  Child development, drug abuse, adolescent depression, postpartum depression, and oral health are some of the many topics covered.  Formal screens, like those CHADIS provides,  have been shown to be extremely valuable for early detection of problems and are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  
  The doctor or nurse practitioner reviews your answers to the CHADIS questionnaire before your visits begins, which means he/she does not have to take time out of your appointment to go through all these general questions. Chadis allows you, the parent, more time to have your questions and concerns addressed.

  ​Please note that some insurances may not cover developmental screens as they should, such as CHADIS, even though it is part of your well child exam.​  Please see our Financial Policy to read more about  non-coverage of well-child services.

To fill out your CHADIS form, go to the following CHADIS link and use our office Invitation Code: 7037536772 (our office phone number). Then you will create a username, password and then select your provider. The form will then be auto-loaded.

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