• All three of our providers have extensive experience working in pediatric emergency medicine. Milestones takes care of all your child's bumps, bruises, cuts and other minor trauma.


  • You can find answers to many of your medical questions over on our blog? Go  here


At Milestones Pediatric & Adolescent Care, you can expect the same caring, thoughtful and comprehensive approach to your child's health that we would expect for own children.


  We want our practice to be your medical home, a source of comfort, confidence, and security for the family. Know that your child is in good hands, under the care of medical providers who practice up to date, evidence-based medicine.      We have the knowledge and experience to distinguish between concerns needing reassurance and those which may require medication, further evaluation, or specialist consultation.      We will recommend medications when the benefits outweigh the risks but never in place of our time and attention to your child and you.    We strongly believe in timely vaccinations as a weapon against illnesses that can kill, debilitate, or necessitate repetitive antibiotic use.  
    We seek to ensure not only a healthy childhood, but a healthy adulthood as well.



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