​​New Patients & Transferring Records- Welcome to Milestones! We look forward to meeting your family and getting to know your child. If your child needs an annual check-up, we will require a copy of his/her immunization records at the time of the visit.  Please bring your child's shot record with you. We offer two ways to transfer records, either your previous doctor can fax/mail immunization records to our office or you can sign a  consent form in our office that we will fax to your previous provider.

Please come by our office to sign this records consent before your child's check-up, so that we can work to get your child's records before the well visit.  
​Our fax number is 888-972-4515.

We require that new patients arrive 30 minutes before their first appointment in our office, because there will be new patient forms and informational items we will need to collect. If you would like to get a head-start on one of the forms, feel free to fill out and bring the printed New Patient Registration form with you (.pdf below). Also below is a copy of our Newborn Financial policy for new parents to view.
 New Patient Registration Form 

Newborn Financial Policy (required for Newborns only)

CHADIS -  For all annual check-ups or ADHD/Developmental-related visits, parents are required to fill out an online pre-visit questionnaire known as CHADIS. Please click on the link below to register and fill out the appropriate questionnaire. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 703-753-6772.

Register for CHADIS here

Input Invitation Code: 7037536772

Then create username and password

What is CHADIS, and why should I fill this out?

Other Forms:

- Link to Virginia School Health Form and Information

​- Link to High School & Middle School Sports Forms 


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