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Telemedicine- Video Conferencing Appointment Instructions:

In light of COVID-19, our office will be offering Telemedicine, for Med rechecks/behavioral-type appointments as well as certain concerns and sick visits.

We use video-virtual technology via your camera-ready phone or computer, powered by the service Please call our office to schedule a Telemedicine Appointment 703-753-6772, Select Option#1.  Scheduling a Telemedicine appointment is consent to receiving medical care via Telemedicine.

Please check in promptly at your appointment time, by clicking on the Provider below  (who you are scheduled to see). You will then be placed in the virtual waiting room. Please wait for the Provider to start their appointment with you. 

Please make sure your microphone is on and volume is raised. Identify a quiet, well -lit location for your video visit so the provider can assess your child accurately and without interference. Click on the Provider. Chrome is the recommended browser.

​We primarily will be utilizing Video Conferencing for telemedicine, but there may be some instances where we will utilize the Portal* and Telephone*.

Billing for Telemedicine

All forms of telemedicine visits will be billed to your insurance, (or charged as self pay if you do not have our participating insurances) as they would if you came to our office.  Several insurances have stated that they will cover Telemedicine visits during this COVID-19 crisis.

Telemedicine appointments are subject to our office policy regarding late cancellations and missed appointments. If you are unable to attend the scheduled telemedicine appointment please notify our office by phone at 703-753-6772.

*Portal & Telephone: 

Some portal exchanges will be billed to your insurance. This follows CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) : "The seven-day period begins with the physician’s or other qualified health care professional’s (QHP) initial, personal review of the patient-generated (online) inquiry. Physician’s or other QHP’s cumulative service time includes review of the initial inquiry, review of patient records or data pertinent to assessment of the patient’s problem, personal physician or other QHP interaction with clinical staff focused on the patient’s problem, development of management plans, including physician  or other QHP generation of prescriptions or ordering of tests, and subsequent communication with the patient through online, telephone, email, or other digitally supported communication, which does not otherwise represent separately reported E/M service."

Some Telephone calls will be billed to your insurance, if they are 11 or more minutes in length.